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Partnerships are an invaluable asset to our training and we have been fortunate to have received valuable and enthusiastic support from various partnerships.


Louise and Colin Kelly have graciously supported this initiative since it’s inception in 2007 and continue to provide us with financial support and enthusiastic encouragement. We are truly grateful for their ongoing interest.


Deyana Thomas who helped to design the course is employed full time with an Arts and Culture Training Organisation (Curriculum Development Project) and has also been a staunch supporter of our course over the years by providing invaluable input and support. When she is available she is happy to present workshops on various topics.


We have been fortunate to have built a good relationship with Sister Daryl Jennings, an expert in community health, who has been extremely enthusiastic about assisting us in training our practitioners in Health, Nutrition and Child Development each year since 2008. Her workshops have proved to be invaluable and great fun is had by all during the workshop.


Lynn Fletcher our Management Committee Treasurer gave up a day to run our Finacial management workshop. This was a great help and inspiration to our participants and we are grateful for her time and expertise to assist us in this tricky area of learning. In addition to these relationships we have been aided and sponsored in other ways by a other interested people.


Our Management Committee has been a major contributor to the smooth running of our organisation and has offered much useful help and encouragement. The committee consists of

Chairperson—Carolyn Reid,

Deputy Chairperson—Beauty Mokgotho

Treasurer—Lynn Fletcher

Secretary—Louise Kelly,

Deputy secretary—Mary Rametsi

Staff representative—Lydia Mabatoa

Alex Community Representative—Moses Maimela

Marketing—Judy Bassingthwaite

ECD Expert—Deyana Thomas


ASAP Printers have supported us over the past 4 years by providing efficient and friendly service as well as very reasonable printing rates.




Wish List


In time we would like to see our courses becoming a self sustaining system, with new trainers being sourced from the practitioners we teach each year.


We will also need to acquire a more sponsorship to run extra courses in Alexandra and other areas. We continue to work on obtaining more sponsorship in order to achieve this.We frequently get requests from practitioners in other areas in Gauteng for us to run this course for them. The word is spreading and there is a great need for this type of basic training in the Early Childhood Care sector.


Our partnership with CDP is enabling us to run another course this year. We will be involved in training a group of mothers in Cosmo City in partnership with CDP( Curriculum Development Trust) so that they can run small home Pop-up Play Groups which will offer stimulating programmes to children whose parent can’t afford to send them to formal Pre-schools.


Carolyn continues to guide and support our trainers, seek sponsorship, and administer the finances in order to run the courses as effectively as possible. We are working on trying to increase the size of the training team and improve their skills so that we can do more training in the future. Our aim is to grow our staff compliment, train them, and encourage existing sponsors to assist in widening our donor base.


Our goal is to be able to run more than one course in a year as we have seen the benefit our relatively small budget has had on the 175 crèches we have worked with to date. We would love to open a small Day Care Centre in Alex which will be run using the methodology and techniques that we train. This could be a good model for those participating in our courses to see how it works in practice


We would love to set up a Teacher Centre making basic materials at reasonable rates available to practitioners, as well as providing a Centre equipped with items such as copiers, laminators, guillotines and a library. These would be available for a small annual membership fee.


This of course is still a pipe dream but we hope to find the means to make it happen in the future. We will be moving to a new venue in 2014 . We have been offered a training space at 69 2nd Avenue which is more suitable for the type of work we are doing. We have to thank Moses Mailmela and Patrick Lorentz for providing us with this venue.












Contact us!

          Carolyn Reid:  082 8797912
          Beauty Mokgotho:  0722109490

Back : Deyana Thomas, Judy Basingthwaite, Carolyn Reid, Beauty Mokgotho, Lydia Mabatoa, Lynn Fletcher.

Front:  Louise Kelly



  • Containers

  • Scissors

  • Powder paints

  • Food colouring

  • Jumbo felt pens

  • Jumbo wax crayons

  • Paint brushes

  • Pegs

  • String

Small plastic bags


  • Band-Aid

  • Elastopast

  • Triangular Band

  • Cooling gel

  • Tweezer

  • Safety pins(small)

  • Fore-head thermometer

  • Small bottle savlon (50ml)

  • Small cotton wool (60gms)

  • Antiseptic ointment


  • Pen

  • Pencil

  • File (Arch Lever)

  • File dividers

  • Display files 10page

  • Plastic sleeves

  • A5 192 pages counter book(Feint & margin)

  • Pritt glue

  • Ruler

  • Erasers

  • Craft Knife

  • 2l Ice cream containers


  • Flour

  • Maizena

  • Tartaric Acid

  • Salt


  • Wool

  • Buttons

  • Orange bags

  • Panty hourse

  • Coldrink plastic bottles (2lt,1lt,500ml,250ml)

  • Milk plastic bottles (2lt,1lt,500 ml and 250 ml)

  • Thick card board (cardboard box type)

  • Straws (coloured)

  • Beads (different colours and size)

  • Clear plastic bottles with lid(100ml and 50ml)

  • Atchar containers with lid (Small)


  • White board markers(different colours)

  • Permanent Markers (different colours)

  • Highlighters

  • A4 white paper ream

  • A3 white paper ream

  • A4 coloured paper ream

  • Bright Pastel board

  • Pastel board pad

  • Office stapler

  • Office puncher

  • Flip chart

  • Laminator pouches